Sarah is a full time performing and recording artist as well as a voice and performance coach.

Sarah has released an EP – This Way (2008) and an Album – Yesterday’s Blues (2012). Both receive nation wide airplay (Australia) and are distributed globally through many sites, including itunes. Sarah has toured Australia, Japan and London with her music and performs regularly with her original music project and also her corporate band Elegance Jazz.   She is currently working on a new recording, due for release in 2015. 

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Music with Honours from James Cook University, a Masters of Music Studies from Griffith University Conservatorium of Music and is currently studying for a Masters of Fine Arts (Research) from Queensland University of Technology.

Starting her journey in music by singing in choirs from the age of 8, Sarah also studied saxophone from the age of 9 and piano from the age of 11. Singing lessons began at the age of 12, starting with pop songs, moving briefly into classical and then immersing herself in Jazz. Sarah has also been writing songs since an early age.